Don’t Hire Boring People

By Chip Wilson

It’s no secret that I’ve done my share of hiring (and firing) in my day, for better and for worse. I’ve learned a lot of lessons on my own journey and wanted to share what I have come to identify as being of the utmost importance when searching for that “perfect hire”. It’s more simple than you’d think – don’t hire boring people!

My approach has always been to kick off the conversation by asking the applicant what it is they do in their spare time: “tell me, what do you like to do?” This is how you find out whether they are living in choice and what choices they’re making.

I begin the interview process assuming that everyone in the chair across from me is amazingly interesting and has the dexterous ability to learn how to do new things and think in new ways at the drop of a hat. Because of this generous assumption, I always want to hire a person who is reading, creating, expanding and fulfilling measurable goals in their “spare time”.  I want to hire the hobby creative writer or hobby birder – people who are excited about their jobs, excellent at what they do, but choose to be involved in additional creative outlets or ventures. Because being intentional about how you live your life, and investing time in your self-growth is never boring.