Fake News

By Chip Wilson

I can’t say what Trump says is right, but The New York Times has apologized for their lack of knowledge on how America would vote.  As impossible as it is to believe all the things Trump says, I honestly trust the media less. I believe 5% of what the press says. The media is no longer supplying us with news. Instead, it’s all about sensationalism with a goal to garner short-term attention.

The press has no choice but to be sensationalist. In the 1990’s, there were five major news sources.  Today, we have thousands of options on how and where to consume news. News is a commodity product much like anything else these days. Each individual news source can only get our attention by providing a sensational headline that most often has nothing do to with the content itself.

The media company only needs us to click on the headline to show impressions to its advertisers, so it can sell more ads and increase their revenues.

Every so-called “credible” media channel has someone on the backend who comes up with a dramatic headline to help that article’s SEO rankings. False articles get linked to other previously published false articles – it’s a never-ending spiral of incorrect information. False just creates more false. This is the world we live in.

The solution is a media source like Netflix where we can pay for better quality, non-advertorial news. Our up-front funding allows the media source to survive without the ad dollars. It’s the viewers who are supporting and finding the content.

I think we all need to get ready to buck up for a “pay for search” Google, so Google doesn’t determine what you read and what you think. You pay and then you decide what to believe.