More costs More

By Chip Wilson

I have notice that women buy luxury handbags in many different sizes. Luxury leather is an expensive material, so the larger bags naturally cost more than the smaller bags and women have no issue with this concept.

We pay extra for flying with heavy luggage. Should women who usually weigh less than men, pay the same airfare as heavier men on an airplane? The reality is women are subsidizing men for airfare. 

The same logic applies to costly technical fabrics. Larger sizes require more fabric to make, hence a larger style costs more. It’s pretty simple math. Some apparel companies do not even make sizes larger than 12 due margin loss. This is the reason for different children and plus size apparel companies.  Each is an entirely different business model  based on an entirely different cost structure.

Clothing patterns are positioned on in something called a “marker”. In smaller sizing, normally 4 leg patterns can be laid out side by side to fit the width of the fabric. As sizing increases perhaps only three can fit.  At some point only two patterns fit.  So, much like luxury leather purses, the larger the size, the higher the cost. 

Should prices be the same for all sizes? Should a size 6 woman compensate and pay the same as a size 8 women?  Should small leather purses be the same price as large leather purses?  

There is a reason why some companies focus on sizes 0-12, while others specialize in sizes 14 and up only. It’s because the business model has to change drastically. If a company sold too many size 10 and 12’s, but priced the garments on an average of size 6, then the business would not be viable. 

Double the fabric equals could double the retail price which is pretty simple math. Whatever the measurement, there is no “fairness” when it comes to weight on an airplane, fabric use in apparel or leather in luxury purses.