"I would never read
that guys book!"

This is a book about ordinary people who took an opportunity to be creative, to be innovative, and to maximize their potential. My part in this story comes from the learnings of thousands of mistakes. I set the culture, business model, quality platform, people development program and then got out of the way. Lululemon’s exponential growth, culture, and brand strength has few peers and it is because of those who employees who choose to be great.

My book is just one perspective. I realize it took a small army of dedicated and passionate people to bring lululemon to life. So, I want to hear from YOU! Every year in September, I will publish a revised account of what it was like to be a part of the foundation, growth, high points and low, inside and out, of lululemon – from a variety of perspectives. The next chapter starts with you – I look forward to reading it!