On Being Healthy

By Chip Wilson

When I was young, before the invention of volcanoes, I went to a regular public school. There was always one overweight person out of 300 people. As kids do, that person became the butt of a few jokes. Looking back on the situation as a parent, I am super sad for that kid.

As I walk by schools today I see 30% of students who would have been called overweight in the 1960’s. We have an epidemic, and we are so far into the forest, we cannot see the trees.

The first line I wrote on the side of the lululemon shoppers in 1997 was “Coke and Pepsi are the tobacco of the future: great marketing, terrible product”. Lululemon got about 40 legal letters from Coke and Pepsi as a result, which we ignored because we knew we were right.

Between sweet drinks, smartphones, sitting on the couch all day, access to year around fruit and junk food, our society has become fat. No pun intended, but the issue cannot be sugar coated.

I don’t believe society thinks any different about plus size men or plus size women. I find it interesting that by only talking about women it comes across as a women’s issue.

I read an article recently about an overweight woman who felt targeted, because whenever she went in to see a doctor they would want to discuss her weight. The doctors commitment is to delve into the most obvious solution to poor health. To blame the doctor is to shift responsibility and blame.

Even though being overweight can be caused by a variety of different factors – injury, genetics, parenting, poor choice of eating habits or being raised to think “overweight is ok”, the result is the same. According to research, being overweight causes multiple diseases, lower sexual activity, a minimized social life and usually an early death.

When we meet our future spouse, our big data computer brain is figuring out if that person is someone I want to raise children with and/or live with for the rest of my life.  Our subconscious tells us a healthier person is more likely to be a better candidate.

We have to be responsible to ourselves for our own life and the way people view our ability to be healthy. Being healthy shows love and a strong commitment to your family.