Sex In Sport

By Chip Wilson

We have come to know that sexual orientation is fluid and also a bell curve. For both sexes, one end of the bell curve starts out with extremely straight male and females then widens as both sexes take on some of their opposite sex’s tendencies and eventually thins out to men who are really female and women who are really men.

Transgender washrooms are popping up everywhere as a solve to people who can’t or don’t want to be defined as one sex or the other.

So I wonder, how in the Olympics do we justify male and female events?  I would say a very feminine male should compete at the same level and against a very masculine female. But who knows exactly what is a male and female athlete?  For sure I don’t think a male with a sex change should be compete against a feminine female. This just isn’t fair.

I am beginning to think that splitting the sexes at the Olympics is ridiculous, mostly because I see no reason to watch a competition where the playing field is uneven. I won’t watch the Tour de France because the playing field isn’t level as I don’t know who is on drugs and who isn’t.

Sex split in sports is pretty much a joke in the terms of a level playing field. To keep competition interesting to the consumer who pays for the athletes, I think sex should be eliminated in sport and all human beings should compete on the same level.

On an intellectual  and non-physical level, I am perplexed as to why the 2017 TED conference profiled the women’s top chess player. Intellectually I think women should be praised when they are the intellectually best including both sexes. Otherwise I think elevating the “top intellectual woman” is demeaning to all women.