String Theory

By Chip Wilson

I know about .0000001 % of String Theory, but it is basically this idea that all things are metaphysically link together.  When I was 10 years old, I thought the atom was the smallest particle we knew existed.  Then there were yet smaller quarks, and then a series of yet smaller “things”.  Strings seem to be the smallest thing we are aware of.  

Einstein proved our world had another dimension by proving gravity with waves.  Possibly, strings were found when getting granular while researching magnetic field or electricity in space.  From what I understand, scientists can prove string theory if 10 dimensions are assumed.  So, we are a few dimensions short.

My question is, what are strings made of?  In 50 years will we know three things smaller than “strings”? I wonder what those smaller things will tell us? Will we find the meaning of life?

On the large side of the equation, I struggle with people who say God invented existence.  I want to know who invented God.  If something else invented God, then I want to know who invented the thing that invented God. So, to summarize, we get larger than God for infinitum and smaller than strings for infinitum.

My main issue is with the word infinity.  Infinity is far more boggling than God or String Theory.  If science could quantify infinity, then I think they will find God and the missing dimensions at once.  Quantifying infinity is the biggest joke in the universe.