Take It Or Leave It

By Chip Wilson

In the 1970’s the Canadian government brought in a 15-week maternity/parental leave, which was extended to 6 months in the 1990’s and then finally to a full year in 2001. I loved this law as it prioritized family and made everyone’s lives better. Unfortunately, there is the law of the land and the law of the jungle. Up until the early 2000’s, parents could take a year off and come back to the same job without skipping a beat. The digital world has meant there is no such thing as the same job or the same company vision from one year to the next.

A one year sabbatical or maternity now hurts the person who takes it. The world is not the same as when they left the job. Perhaps the government needs to repeal the law and allow parents the right to return to work earlier or instead of maternity leave and maternity pay, the government supports daycare for babies – whatever the family unit chooses to do.