Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Group 2Back to the Beginning

I believe that lululemon was so much more than a retail company. It attracted people that came from all over to make a difference in the world and to follow a leader and a vision that were doing just that. Chip is a retail genius, yet, I believe the greatest gift he gave to the people of lululemon and the greater community was the culture.

He created a movement of happiness at a time where no one was really even talking about it. In the beginning, people said we were a cult with a crazy, devoted following and a disruptive manifesto repeatedly spoken in stores and printed on bags. But, as we hired more people and opened more stores, the number of people who were inspired by and wanted to be a part of it grew.

The employees of lululemon loved him. When he visited the stores, hundreds of people showed up to see him. He was generous with his attention and believed in the greatness in people before they even saw it in themselves. It wasn’t always “easy” with Chip. He could be hard to work with, travel with, and his expectations were enormous. But he always believed in us.

He inspired all of us to be great in our lives.

He led us to believe that anything was possible at lululemon and in our personal lives. Whether intentional or not, Chip’s intuition created a movement that had people love their lives, then love their work, and ultimately create incredible business results. It allowed people to be their best—myself included. This culture of greatness changed my life and the lives of so many others forever.

Delaney Schweitzer, former Executive Vice President of Global Retail at lululemon